Pastel Floral Clipart Digital Flowers Pink Blue Watercolor Craft Art

floral flower clipart digital download watercolor craft image
blue watercolor floral clipart image

flower floral clipart watercolor craft digital downloads botanical art
pink watercolor floral clipart  image

These are two, very pretty watercolor flower clipart images created from vintage floral die cut paper scraps. These tiny pink and blue floral craft clipart look like watercolor flowers since they are very shabby and distressed. These flower images look smudged and imperfect, but that makes them even more perfect for lots of shabby chic crafting projects.

pastel floral clipart downloads .png

Shabby Chic Rose Clipart Floral Craft Digital Downloads Distressed Flower Images

clipart rose craft shabby chic digital download floral images
shabby chic rose clipart

rose flower floral clipart craft shabby chic digital download images
shabby chic rose clipart

Today I've posted two, lovely digital shabby chic rose clipart images of VERY distressed vintage die cuts. I love how shabby these two pink roses are! The floral clipart is so perfect for lots of crafting projects, especially for transfer images for shabby chic projects. The first pink rose clip art is of a single flower. The second pink rose clip art is of a rose bouquet. The single pink rose is surrounded by blue flowers.

shabby chic rose clipart digital downloads .png

Easter Greeting Free Crafting Printables Vintage Dove Rose Pansy Card Designs

easter dove bird flowers printable greeting crafting design images
printable Easter greeting design 

easter greeting printable design dove flowers clipart download
printable Easter greeting design 

printable easter dove flowers design images downloadable clipart
printable Easter greeting design

Today I've posted an amazingly gorgeous printable bundle of vintage Easter greeting designs. I created these three printable Easter greetings from Victorian paper scraps. Each of these digital Easter card downloads are designed with beautiful dove illustrations. The first digital Easter image has two lovely dove birds among pretty, purple and blue pansy flowers. The second Easter image has two pretty white doves perched among pink roses. And, the third Easter card download has a stunning white dove perched in a white rose bush with a brilliantly colorful butterfly floating just above the dove. Each of these Easter printable are so lovely and will make your Easter greetings incredibly special and charming.

Flower Transfer Craft Pink Camellia Botanical Downloadable Clip Art

flower camellia image transfer download clipart crafting
pink camellia flower transfer image

Today I've posted a very pretty, vintage pink Camellia flower download. Created from a Victorian paper die cut scrap, this digital flower download is perfect for crafting handmade greeting cards, especially Mother's Day cards.

camellia flower botanical art clipart craft download
pink camellia flower digital download .png

Pink Rose Flower Glass Vase Shabby Chic Floral Digital Clipart

rose pink flower vase shabby chic floral digital clipart
digital flower vase image

This is a beautifully distressed, shabby chic flower clip art of a pink rose in a glass vase. The Victorian paper scrap has a cracked, aged surface, but this makes the floral clip art that much more charming. The shabby chic pink rose is beautiful, especially with the little rose bud. And, the two leaves in the glass vase with the rose is lovely. This shabby chic, pink rose digital download is perfect as a design element on the front of Mother's Day greeting cards.

digital download shabby chic pink rose floral flower clipart image
digital flower vase download .png

Free Flower Nettle-Leaved Bellflower Image Wildflower Illustration Image Transfer

flower wildflower botanical artwork image digital download transfer
vintage Nettle-Leaved Bellflower clip art image

Today I've posted a gorgeous, vintage flower illustration image of a Nettle-Leaved Bellflower. This pretty digital flower clip art shows the delicately beautiful shade of lilac of this wildflower. Also known as, Bats-in-the-Belfry, this wildflower's long, trumpet-shaped petals have faded shades of purple along its length. Whether on the front of a handmade greeting card or frame for home decor, this vintage flower illustration download will add lots a pretty charm to any crafting project.

flower wildflower transfer image botanical illustration digital download
Nettle-Leaved Bellflower digital download .png

Calla Lily Flower Digital Clip Art Botanical Illustration Image

flower calla lily botanical image clipart digital download transfer
digital Calla Lily clip art

This is a stunning digital flower clip art image of a beautiful, white Calla Lily. I created this digital flower image from a little Victorian paper scrap die cut. There are two Calla Lilies in this botanical artwork image and lots of big, wide leaves behind the flowers. I had to do a little digital doctoring to this pretty lily clip art, and it was well worth it.

flower calla lily digital clipart download botanical artwork image transfer
digital Calla Lily image download .png

Vintage Giraffe Digital Clipart Image Circus Animal Illustration Printable Transfer

giraffe digital circus image vintage animal download illustration
giraffe digital clipart image

Today I've posted a wonderfully colorful giraffe digital clipart image. I found this Victorian paper scrap of a giraffe in an old scrapbook that had lots of other circus animal illustrations. This vintage giraffe image is still colorful and detailed and is perfect as a design element for zoo visit crafting projects.

digital giraffe clipart image vintage animal circus download illustration
giraffe digital image download .png

Free Downloadable Victorian Clip Art Woman Baking Pie Image Dessert Baker

baking pie dessert woman image victorian kitchen clipart download
woman making pie image

Today I've posted a delightful vintage baking pie clip art image. Found in a Victorian scrapbook, this is a little paper scrap of a woman making and baking a pie. Wearing a beautiful, blue dress and lacy, white apron, she pours the hot, pie filling into the prepared pie shell. Showing that the cooking pot is very hot, she holds the pot with a tea towel as she pours out the pie filling. This vintage baking image is perfect for lots of crafting projects! I can imagine this baking clip art on lots of Christmas printable projects, as well as recipe cards, scrapbooking pages, and gift tags.

baking pie dessert image woman victorian clipart download kitchen
Victorian woman making pie download image .png

Royalty Free Pansy Clip Art Image Download Flower Garden Artwork

flowers pansy botanical artwork image clipart illustration transfer
vintage pansy clip art image

This is a lovely digital pansy clip art image created from an antique seed catalog. I found this distress, faded pansy illustration in a Victorian scrapbook. Despite the distressed condition, this pansy download is very pretty and vibrant and perfect for crafting spring projects. Each of the pansy flowers in the flower clip art has deep, rich shades of purple and burgundy.

flowers pansy image illustration transfer digital download clipart
pansies flowers download image .png


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