Shabby Chic White Rose Vintage Clipart Botanical Art Clipart Digital Image

rose flower shabby chic white floral clipart download crafting
white shabby chic rose clipart image

Today I've posted a beautifully distressed and tattered, shabby chic white rose clipart image. Both of the white roses are tinged with a light pink color. The digital rose clipart is very shabby and worn, which makes it so perfect for shabby chic crafting projects.

rose flower shabby chic image clipart crafting download
white shabby chic rose digital download .png

Victorian Woman Antique Illustration Fashion Clipart Image Download

woman victorian illustration fashion image clipart digital download
Victorian woman clipart image

Today I've posted a lovely, antique, Victorian woman clipart image of a beautiful woman wearing a green, short-sleeved dress. The dress collar is fringed in white lace that has a floral design. The Victorian woman is wearing her hair down, which is so beautiful! She also has red flowers in her hair and pinned to the front of her dress.What a lovely fashion image to use in lots of crafting projects.

fashion women illustration image clipart dress digital download
Victorian woman clipart digital download .png

Royalty Free Vintage Cherry Botanical Clipart Illustration Seed Catalog Artwork

cherry fruit botanical art illustration digital clipart image papercraft
digital cherry clipart image

This is a beautiful, vintage cherry clipart of a gorgeous, ripe bunch of cherries. All of the ripe, red cherries are so pretty! Created from an old, Victorian seed catalog, this stock cherry image is detailed and vibrant! Decorating jar labels, handmade recipe cards, and invitations, this lovely cherry image would add lots of charm to any of your crafting projects.

botanical art cherry fruit illustration vintage digital clipart image
vintage cherry clipart download .png

Funny Cats Free Antique Illustration Kitchen Mischief Animal Clipart

cat kittens antique illustration clipart digital download artwork printable
funny antique cat illustration clipart

Today I've posted a funny, antique cat illustration of two, naughty kittens playing on kitchen shelves. Among the jars of apple butter, jam, and catnip (Ha!) the two cats are climbing and playing. What a lovely cat clipart to decorate a crafting projects for someone who loves cats. I found this antique cat image in one of my Victorian scrapbooks. The antique paper scrap looks to have been cut from an advertisement.

Wildflower Art Pansy Flower Clipart Antique Botanical Artwork Illustration

pansy flower wildflower digital clipart botanical art illustration image
Pansy wildflower clipart digital download
flower pansy wildflower digital clipart download image botanical art
Pansy wildflower clipart download .png

This is a stunningly beautifuly digital pansy wildflower clipart of a bunch of pink, purple, and white pansies. Looking as if they're freshly picked from the wild, these pretty pansy flowers will add lots of beauty and charm to any of your crafting projects. Antique wildflower images are perfect for decorating handmade greeting cards and invitation sets for any occasion.

Vintage Clipart Flower Pot Digital Download Water Hyacinth

flower floral botanical art clipart image illustration digital download
digital flower clipart
flower pot plant vintage clipart illustration botanical art image
digital potted flower clipart download .png

This is a beautiful, antique digital flower clipart created from a Victorian paper scrap of a Water Hyacinth illustration. I love the bright purple of the flower petals bursting from the stylish flower pot. The stylized feet of the flower pot are wonderful! And, the detail of the antique flower illustration is gorgeous. What a lovely digital floral clipart for lots of crafting projects.

Royalty Free Rose Shabby Chic Pink Flower Digital Clipart

rose flower floral shabby chic vintage botanical clipart image illustration
vintage shabby chic rose image

rose flower botanical art clipart shabby chic image crafting
digital shabby chic rose download .png

Today I've posted a lovely, digital, shabby chic rose image of a cluster of pink and white roses. This vintage rose clipart is rustic and so perfect for shabby chic crafting projects. This digital flower clipart was created from a vintage, Victorian paper scrap, which looks to have been cut from an old seed catalog.

Antique Flower Free Label Art Blank Printable Design Craft

label flower floral frame blank printable crafting clipart download
antique floral label printable design

Today I've posted a beautifully colorful, antique flower art label designed with red and yellow flowers and Daisies. The colorful flower frame is around and highlighting a square, blank space that's ready for custom sentiments and any greetings for your crafting projects. This digital floral label clipart is perfect for Mother's Day or birthday greeting cards.

flower floral label botanical frame blank crafting printable download
digital flower label download .png

Antique Aponogeton Flower Floral Clipart Botanical Art Download

flower floral botanical art clipart image digital download drawing
digital Aponogeton Flower image

This is a wonderful digital floral clipart image of the flower, Aponogeton. I created this digital flower clipart from an antique, Victorian paper scrap in an old scrapbook. The flower image is very rustic because it was cut from a seed catalog. If you notice, the name of the flower, "Aponogeton", is printed on one of the leaves, which makes for an even more interesting botanical art image.

floral flower botanical art clipart digital download illustration image
digital flower clipart download .png

Royalty-Free Lotus Flower Potted Plant Barrel Botanical Art Clipart

flower potted plant art clipart image digital download
digital potted plant clipart image

This is a wonderfully beautiful digital flower clipart of a potted, pink lotus plant image. I found this lovely lotus flower image in a Victorian scrapbook. The flower image looks to have been cut from either a seed catalot or a product wrapping. The bottom of the barrel image has a different design; however, this is still a lovely image that will add lots of charm to any of your crafting projects.

flower potted plant image download clipart artwork floral
digital potted plant clipart download .png


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